Naval mobility with LNG

For the energy sustainability and the pollution reduction of the port areas

Clean Port is an research project for the energy sustainability and the pollution reduction in port areas. It involves the design and testing of small scale prototypes of partially powered LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) engines within a hybrid innovative energy infrastructure called Green Ironing, at the port of Ravenna.

The project, started in August 2016 and is funded by the Emilia Romagna Region under POR-FESR 2014-2020. It is coordinated by the University of Bologna – CIRI-MAM (Interdepartmental Center for Industrial Research – Advanced Mechanics and Materials), with the participation of CIRI-EA (Interdepartmental Center for Industrial Energy and Environment Research) and CIFLA – Innovation Centre of the Flaminia Foundation, and the involvement of important companies operating in the territory: Rosetti Marino, GESMAR, Graf, Central-Adriatic Sea Port System Authority, Start Romagna and Ecomotive Solutions.

Objectives and expected results

  • Design, development and testing of small-scale prototypes of partially powered LNG marine engines.

  • Designing a LNG production, compression, liquefaction and storage system for naval vessels and short movements/repositionings.
  • Study and substantial improvement of the LNG liquefaction and storage system on board, integration with the quay facilities and increased exploitation of renewable sources through the integration of natural gas produced by biomass.

Clean Port aims at:

  • Reducing pollution and increasing the energy sustainability of the Ravenna harbor area.
  • Enhancing the resources of the Ravenna area (both In-Shore and Off-Shore) and strengthen the entire Ravenna port area at a competitive level.
  • Making the port of Ravenna an international, innovative and technological pole for marine LNG and low environmental impact energy production.
  • • Developing a collaborative network between companies, universities and research.

Clean Port is a project funded by the Emilia-Romagna Region.