Clean Port Project

Activity Plan and Objectives

The Research and Development activities will be carried out at four objectives:

  1. Design of port infrastructures necessary for the realization of an energy smart grid.
    The design will take into account all technical regulations and fire prevention as well as possible urban, environmental, and/or landscape constraints.
  2. Construction of a manifold station for LNG and natural gas generated by biomass and appropriately purified for combustion in naval engines.
  3. Study and substantial improvement of the natural gas liquefaction system for the LNG storage on board vessels, integration with the banqueting facilities and exploitation of renewable sources by integrating with the natural gas source of the grid with the one coming from biomass.
  4. Improvement of liquefaction and storage accumulation in tanks.
    This will set the foundations for the use of ground structures as real refueling systems without the expensive and complex infrastructures needed for the sole supply of electricity from the outside of the ship.


New solutions for the future generations

The key challenge for the mankind both for the present and for the near future is to find new solutions to meet the needs of the future generations: in this challenge, LNG fuel is considered a long-term alternative to more polluting fossil fuels to ensure a substantial increase in the quality of life.

Design and development of a naval LNG infrastructure
Production of natural gas from biomass
Efficient LNG production for naval propulsion
LNG storage on board

The keywords of the project

Naval LNG

Low environmental impact fuel.

Renewable energy

Port areas and neighboring cities more sustainable and clean.

Reduction of the emissions

Innovation for economic and social Growth.

Universities and businesses

Innovazione per la crescita economica e sociale.