Combining skills to achieve goals

For the city of Ravenna Port environmental sustainability is very important. At the local level, the North-Adriatic Sea Port Authority has long been actively involved in several meetings on the design, standardization and future implementation of the necessary infrastructure to supply LNG with naval vessels during entry and exit. The Emilia-Romagna Region is also actively participating in the European Regional Van Guard initiative on the offshore theme together with the Ravenna companies.

Starting from these assumptions, the CIRICIRI MAM of the Università di Bologna, in collaboration with CIFLA – the Innovation Center of Fondazione Flaminia, selected the companies of the area involved in a project for innovation of the port energy infrastructure in the port and during one of the preperation meetings, decided to develop the CleanPort project proposal.

In order to have all the skills necessary to achieve the ambitious objectives of the project, it was decided to select companies with expertise and interest in the following areas: port regulations (of Port System Authority), storage and distribution of LNG (Graf), manufacturing of naval equipment powered by LNG (Rosetti Marino), management and use of naval means (tugs) fed to LNG (Gesmar). These companies are also interested in participating in the project as: Rosetti Marino has among its short – to – medium – term projects the realization of its first LNG – powered naval vehicle, Graf is developing an LNG supply station, Purchase of tugs fueled by alternative fuels with heavy oil.

Following the meetings held since the commencement of the project, the partnership is considering the technical-operational and economic feasibility of integrating the engine powered with LNG with Start Romagna in the ferry that operates along the Candiano Canal linking Porto Corsini and Marina of Ravenna.

The research team

Professor Alfredo Liverani

Alfredo Liverani

Associate Professor in Design and Methods of Industrial Engineering at the University of Bologna. In February 2000 he obtained his PhD title discussing a thesis titled A virtual reality system for engineering design. His main research activities include Computer Graphics, CAE and Industrial Engineering Methods, Virtual Reality, Increased Reality, Live and Constructive Simulation. Since 2010, he has been responsible for the scientific work of CIRI-MAM’s Advanced Materials Operational Unit and Applications.
Carmelo Luca Amoroso

Carmelo Luca Amoroso

His activities relate to the study, development and design of power supply systems based on LNG technology for naval use. In 2015, he obtained a Master’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Palermo with a thesis on aeroelastic /acoustics titled Numerical Analysis of Aeroelastic Vibrations and Acoustic Noise generated by a Mistuned Rotor Cascade..
Since October 2016 he was awarded a research grant at the University of Bologna for the Clean Port project.

Gian Maria Santi

He was born in Mirandola on 21/2/1991 and graduated in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Bologna on 7/10/2016. Currently he is working as a temporary researcher for CIRI-MAM and tutor for the University of Bologna.

The project will also employ some professionals from partner companies.

The project is funded by the Emilia-Romagna Region